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The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

About a month ago I left the homeland of Australia to travel onwards to the beautiful land of the vikings, Sweden. More directly, Stockholm - and for Eurovision 2016! I have never felt more at home with somewhere that I have never been before, and instantly too. Flying over the most beautiful land ever and wishing I had time to hit up the countryside -- we landed in Stockholm. Staying in Gamla Stan (Old Town), a small island in the centre of Stockholm and the origin of the city that grew at quite a rapid rate. The architecture jumped out at me immediately and I fell even more in love with this city and country. The houses we past on the way in and every building being covered in awesome amounts of windows and the gorgeous use of wood design and roof tiling. This will one day be my home. Here is only a fraction of what I was able to capture whilst there in my short 5 days:

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